IC Broadcasting Company - A Brief Introduction

I Care. I Can. I Change! The Spiritual Homeland for All Chinese

IC Broadcasting Company was founded in 2002 as a commercial radio station with a mission for public service by a group of Hsinchu Science and industrial Park high-tech elites who wanted to give back to the community, to demonstrate their caring, and to share quality programs with all Chinese listeners around the world. They founded IC with the ideal of “I Care, I Can, I Change”!

About 70% of IC Broadcasting’s programming is on in-depth analysis of culture and arts and quality light music; about 20% is on latest business and local news on technology, finance, and industry, and the remaining 5% is devoted to programs with positive spiritual value. IC Broadcasting has earned the reputation as the most popular specialized radio station in the Region of Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli. IC’s vision is to become the “Must-listen-to Radio Station for all Knowledge-workers”, and the “Spiritual Homeland for all Chinese around the World” through web radio.

The Only Three-Time Winner of Golden Bell Best Specialized Radio Station Award

IC Broadcasting Company has been a consistent award winner at the prestigious Golden Bell Award for Broadcasting since IC’s first year of operation. Over the last ten years (from 2003 to 2012), IC Broadcasting has won a total of 17 Golden Bell Awards and is the only three-time winner of the "Best Specialized Radio Station” award which takes into account of the overall performance of a radio station.

Golden Bell AwardGolden Bell Award

2012: IC won 3 Golden Bell Awards, including “Best Specialized Radio Station Award”, “Best Host for Community Program”, and “Best Short Program”

2011: IC won 4 Golden Bell Awards, including “Best Traditional Music Program”, “Best Host for Culture and Arts Program”, “Best Culture and Arts Program”, and “Best Program Planning and Writing Award”

2010: IC won “Best Specialized Radio Station”

2009: IC won 3 Golden Bell Awards, including “Best Host for Popular Music Program”, “Best Host for Traditional Music Program”, and “Best Traditional Music Program”

2004-2008: IC won a total of 5 Golden Bell Awards

2003: IC Broadcasting, in its first year of operations, won the Golden Bell Award for “Best Specialized Radio Station”

Actively Promote the Development of Culture, Arts, and Good Citizenship

Harvey Chang receiving the National Cultural Benefactor Award from Vice President Vincent SiewHarvey Chang (right), Chairman of the Board of IC Broadcasting Company, receiving the National Cultural Benefactor Award from Vice President Vincent Siew (left). (Picture source: National Culture and Arts Foundation)

In 2003, with the idea of “building a city quickly with culture”, IC Broadcasting began to sponsor “Hsinchu Spring Music Festival” to help build a brand new Hsinchu with culture and arts. Like a seed that grew and began to bear fruits over the next five years, “Hsinchu Spring Music Festival” became the catalyst that built the attendance at Hsinchu’s classical music concerts from 20%-30% of available seats in 2003 to 89% in 2007.

Recognizing the urgent needs to promote good citizenship, IC Broadcasting decided to develop a brand new “IC Quiet Revolution” in 2008. In addition to continuing with “Hakka Music Concert” and “International Film Festival”, IC Broadcasting began to promote movements such as “Love, Thanksgiving, and Joy”, “Lohas Democracy”, “Bring a Second Pair of Chopsticks”, and “Free Hugs”. These movements have received strong support from the society.

In 2008, IC Broadcasting received two special recognitions, including “Best Creativity Award” and “Silver Award”, at the Ninth National Cultural Benefactor Award ceremony for sponsoring the “Hsinchu Spring Music Festival” and “IC Quiet Revolution”. This is the first ever award received by a broadcasting company at this prestigious event sponsored by Council for Cultural Affairs and evaluated by National Culture and Arts Foundation.

In 2011, with the vision of “A New Taiwan for the Next Century”, IC Broadcasting began to design its programs and activities under the umbrella of “the Art of City Living”, with the simple goal of “making Taiwan more beautiful”.

Widespread Influence in Business, Government, and Education

IC Broadcasting enjoys widespread influence in business, government, and education. Local government officials in Taoyuan County and City and Hsinchu County and City all highly recommend the quality programs and the culture and arts activities sponsored by IC. Senior executives of many major corporations and foundations, including TSMC, UMC, MediaTek, and Inotera Memories, have maintained close working relationship with IC. In addition, IC has enjoyed long-term partnership with Lung Yingtai Foundation to sponsor the MediaTek Lectures and to promote the establishment of Thinkers’ Clubs at National Tsing-Hua University, National Hsinchu University of Education and the Star Program at various universities.

According to survey results, IC Broadcasting has successfully reached the target audience of its clear market segmentation strategy. Due to the background of IC’s founding shareholders, IC’s programming direction, and the advantage of its location in Hsinchu, IC Broadcasting has become the favorite radio station for knowledge workers in the Taoyuan and Hsinchu area. Through web broadcasting, IC Broadcasting has reached the greater Taoyuan and Hsinchu areas and beyond, and has become the best media to reach the high-tech elites.

Spiritual Homeland of All Chinese Through Web Broadcasting and Partner Stations

Through simultaneous web broadcasting, IC Broadcasting has become an important source of information for all Chinese around the world. IC’s green movement through the web, such as “We Simplify and Reduce Because We Love the Earth”, has won widespread support. In addition, IC’s quality programs have been broadcasted at many partner radio stations, including Bravo Radio, Taipei Broadcasting Station, and Good News Radio in Taipei, M-Radio and Family 977 Broadcasting Network in Taichung, Super 971 in Yi-Lan, Lanyu Radio in Lanyu, Chinese Mandarin Radio KAZN in Southern California, USA, U.S. Chinese Channel and Texas Chinese Radio Station in Houston, Texas, USA, My Centre Radio in Malaysia, and college radio stations at Fu-Jen University, Chang-Jung University and National Chengchi University. Through these partnerships, IC Broadcasting is sharing its ideals of caring, culture, education, and environmental protection with all Chinese audience around the world.